Hanbei- Hmph, Hanbei

Takenaka Hanbei 1/4

Character: Takenaka Hanbei, Sengoku Basara
Theme set: Delta
Theme(s): prologue, scream, touched, stay, gravity, a vision, promise, two for tragedy, wanderlust, at the bottom of everything, clocks, daylight, warning sign, shine, listen, razorblade kiss, one last time, we may as well be strangers, can't stop now, midnight show, 3 AC
# of icons in post: 25
# of icons completed total:25/100
Credit policy: Credit is nice but not required, full credit details@journal.


( ~Fake cut to journal~ )
Modeling: It's the Opheliac in me



Theme Set: Delta
Icons completed: 1/100


I thought I would have time to do more, but I don't, and I would rather have quality work than rushed work. Fff. I have a list of what I'm doing, too. *_*

In any case, I started! XD;
Sephiroth - Master of Puppets

[mod] Claims

Hello to everyone out there who has been faithfully requesting claims for the past.. I don't know how many years. I am very sorry to all of you for the response, or lack thereof, that you have received. We moderators all went into the major idle of RL long ago.

If any of you submitted a claim, please go ahead and post your icons. I am going to make an addendum to the rules so that everything is open. This also means that there will be no banners either. Sorry guys, but I was never the artistic one of the mods and I honestly don't have the time to try to do anything that would look halfway decent.

So, go ahead and post your icons. I miss seeing all of the awesome creativity that this place used to showcase.

Let me know if you have any questions. (And please try to remember to tag your icons. It really does help).