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The (original!) 100 Icon Challenge

Because you can't make just one.

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Icon Fiend 100
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Welcome to iconfiend100, the premier challenge community for iconmakers. Inspired by 30_kisses, the basis of the challenge is choosing a character, pairing, or group and making 100 icons for the chosen subject. All skill levels are welcome to join. Themes don't have to be completed in order, and there are no requirements as to how often or how little you can contribute per month.

o1. First, you need to join the community before you make your claim. Membership is open to everyone, and you will automatically receive posting access upon joining.

o2. Next, choose your fandom. This can be any anime, manga, or video game. Pick to your heart’s content. If you pick a fandom that has multiple seasons, manga, or video games (in any variation), you can choose to limit yourself to one season, just the anime, just the manga, or take from the plethora of media available. The decision is yours.

o3. You can select a fandom in general or a specific subject from a fandom. Subjects can be a single character, pairing, or group. Icons can contain any periphery characters that you wish, but the subject must be in every icon. Meaning if you choose a pairing or group, they must be in every icon together in some way. If you decide to claim the fandom in general, this rule doesn’t apply. As long as it is from the fandom, you’re good to go.

o4. Once you have decided upon your subject and fandom, it’s time to choose a theme list. The theme lists are meant to give a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of challenge, and also to see how different people interpret the same idea. Your icon does not have to contain the word or phrase of the theme and there’s no panel of judges to sit there and say that your icon doesn’t match the theme. Just let your imagination go and see where you end up. We currently have 4 different theme sets for you to choose from, and they can all be found here.

o1. All subjects are open. Since the claims list is no longer being updated, there are no longer any limits on the number of people who can choose a subject or claim.

o2. In your 100 icons, there will be 50 themes, and 50 "Artist's Choice" (which pretty much means whatever you feel like making, so long as it contains your subject). You can only post 50 Artist's Choice icons.

o3. Stills, animated, textured, muted, or just plain cropped, whatever you want is perfectly fine. This is your art. Also, you are more than welcome to make variations (such as colors or gradients) of any of your icons, but only one of them will be able to count.

o4. Posts with more than three icons, nudity or icons with particularly explicit content, and banners over 350 x 250 (or the other way around) should be put behind an lj-cut. To lj-cut: surround the images to be cut with <lj-cut text="Your cut text here!"> and </lj-cut>

o5. Since this is a place for other fans to come and find useable icons of their favorite characters and pairings, all of the icons you post here should be for public use. Mention your particular crediting policy on ALL your posts.

06. If you would like to make yourself a banner when you have completed your challenge, by all means, please do so.

There is no set format for your posts, but they should at least include the following:

Artist: (Optional; if you joined the comm with your icon journal but want to mention your own username, this'd be the place.)
Theme set:
# of icons in post:
# of icons completed total:
Credits: (This is only if you used brushes, fonts, screencaps etc. that need to be credited.)

If your pairing involves real people, you must have a disclaimer on every post. More information on that here.

- Only posts containing icons made for a challenge claim are allowed in the community. Any posts containing just advertisements or questions/commentary will be considered off topic and will be deleted. Questions can be left in a comment on the FAQ post. Advertisements are allowed as long as they are included in an icon post.

- To apply to become an affiliate or view the current list, please see this post.

Community owners: tokyonoir & galyndean
Community creator: lori

Extra thanks to articulation and haruhara for help with getting the Claims List up to speed. ♥

We would also like to give our thanks to those who have been moderators in the past. Without you, our community would not be where it is today. A Special Thanks to dayfall, allsunday, boxxer_auction, grandlarseny, gunshou, terra_katta, helgarr, staticlights, jigglypuff, lemonyloyce, techno, schomperilla, and vejimaru.

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